Sunday, March 15, 2015

I Miss Those "Mmrs"

Oh, England how I miss...
• stalking all about England all day long
• singing the songs all the british singers had sung in the past
• been crazy about going to London, Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, and so on
• loving all the details like the underground, double-dekker, english breakfast meal, british-kinda-accent
• studying English in EF with british native speakers
• watching all the movies which were rolen by british actors/actresses
• buy all the thing that has UK-kind-of-flag
• imagining I studied in England
• imagining I had a realtionship with english guy
• being obsessed with England:)

I surely miss those moments tho:" 
#goingcrazy #inlovewithengland

big #1 fan of UK-England-kinda thing

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Dream

Hi guys!

It's been... almost a year, I guess, since I posted "The Moment I Knew". I desperately miss posting my whatever-i-want-to-say writings here. I have a looooong holiday 'til August 11th, so I'm so excited! And, I can have my spare time posting things here.

It's been really happy and tough as well for me to go through this life *sorry, I watched way too many dramas recently*. I did so much fun with my friends at high school, I could do my National Exam although my heart was shaking back then, haha. I did so many pathetic dramas with my family and friends as well, which make me so sick of it that I wanna run away from the reality. I was out from my English course, and I'm so thankful. There are way too many things I wanna say, but I can write probably words here now. I mean, seriously, I don't want to, it's just too much and a quite long, hm.

As you know, I'm a high school student, well it will over in June. I'm so excited that I'm going to go to college. This, I'm just saying that I've accepted in Architecture Engineering in Parahyangan University, that was my big moment. I can't draw guys, who says I can? I mean, I can draw just a little bit of angles, half-made houses, and so on. All this time, I wanted to be an Ambassador, I wanted to go into the major of International Relation. But, life was crueler that I thought. I fought with my dad, it sucked. And my dad won, so I took the Architecture. I felt bad at first, but my dad had something right, you know, parents want the best for their children. It's not that bad going into Architecture Engineering, I mean, I love designing houses, the interiors. It seems so cool when you'll have the title of "Bachelor of Engineering". I mean, that's not so important, what's so important is that I can express myself through my designs, I've been loving whatever about arts since I was little. My dad taught me anything about passion, and so myself. I'm just really excited yet scared. The things I'm scared of are like... what happen if I fail, if I can't handle it, if I dislike the major, if I get too much and I ruin everything? I don't know, I'm still curious though. They say Architecture students don't sleep, don't play, do serious, don't care about anything. Well, I believe those things, but I'm sure the students have the reasons why they are like that. Whoever read this, just don't take this too serious, I'm just saying what I think. Don't judge me, the reason why I'm going to go to Architecture "life" because of my father, no! I, myself, decided to choose this path and I'm really grateful for that. My best pal ever said, "If you blame your parents because you are like this, it's not because they did it, not because they insisted you to do this and that, it's because you always take part, you always decide what is right and what is wrong, decide to choose your own path, even it's not what you always wanted." That touched me for a while, and I realise I'm taking this path.

Well, I'm glad. That's all. I'm so happy that I already have a university right now. My friends out there still finding their paths, what major fits in them, struggling with some sort of exams, and so on. I hope you all nothing but the best. Just be proud of yourself, that you have taken part of your own decision. That's nice you know, knowing that you can survive with your own decision.

Ok, that's it, see you soon!

Your next great Architect <3

See my lame face? That means I'm happy!

Monday, June 17, 2013

"The Moment I Knew"

Stuck. That was a word I could say about this song. This song entitled "The Moment I Knew" by Taylor Swift. My friends say they love Taylor Swift, so do I. I love her not because of her popularity, but I love her because she beautifully wrote her songs and it makes me feel myself about love.
The first time I heard about this song, I felt like something sad, broken heart, and disappointed. You can happily see the lyrics here and it's really sad yet touching. The best part of this song when Taylor said "You should've been here and I would have been so happy." This song blew me away, and everyday I hear this song. It's like there's a nicotine in this song, hahaha.
Well, that's my "review" for this song, I guess.
Bye. x
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Happy and Happy

Hi fellas.
The world fact says that my test week is over! It's just beyond a happiness. And my school has a policy that says every student will have a holiday for 3 weeks. Hmm, perfect? I'm not sure, because I've got nowhere to go on a holiday, still planning where I'm going to go.
But, I'm still happy.

People say being happy is sometimes literally hard. You have to push everything and gotta work hard to find a happiness. Sometimes I do that to find a happiness.
However, I think they say wrong. Finding a happiness is truly easy when you realize your life is beyond enough. You realize life is fair enough to prove that you are someone who can build up your own life in the future. You realize that you have your family, your friends, and yourself. You realize that life is so much better when you are positive.
My suggestion is you have to be positive, and just simply be happy. You don't have to look into other people's life who have more, but you have to look into other people's life who have a tiny house and beg for money on the street.
Being happy is simple. You just have to look yourself, smile, and be grateful for anything you've had for today. :)
I love you, guys! x